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Received 13 September 2021

What a triumph this campaign is! I'm so impressed with where you have taken it! Such determination.
We will share with our networks, and I am making a donation.
Well done!

Received 25 August 2021

Well done to the ADAC team for initiating the MM4C campaign. It can be difficult in these Coronavirus times to get our dissenting voices heard. When in lock-down, perhaps the only way is to write to our elected representatives. I will no longer withstand inaction on the climate crisis and hope that you will join with me in support of this campaign. So get your preferred ink and paper ready and write to your chosen federal politician now to demand climate action. Come on...we can do this!


Received 15 August 2021

Hi Robert,

This is just a note to commend you and you group for actions in support for Zali Steggall and her climate bill.

I have often lamented the fact that climate activism is split across hundreds of small organisations instead a one major one with more clout.  However, the present arrangement allows the development of more ideas such as your mass mailout in support of Zali’s bill.

When I first heard about your proposal, I was not that interested in helping out.  However, on thinking about it I realize that supporting Zali’s bill is one of the most important things that we can do and a letter writing campaign to politicians is probably the most effective way to do it.

If the bill (which is apparently based on the very successful Act that was passed by the UK in 2008) was passed, it would hopefully end the partisan wars that have been raging in Australia for decades. In contrast, climate change action in the UK is accepted by both sides, including the present conservative government which is trying to pressure their Australian conservative colleagues to adopt more aggressive emissions targets.

Here’s hoping that we can make a difference


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